5 Podcast Trends to Watch in 2024

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Where is podcasting heading in 2024? 

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or someone hoping to launch a new show this year, it’s a question worth asking!

Staying up to date on podcasting’s latest trends and changes will help you create content your listeners love and find new ways to engage with your audience. 

Today, we’ll take a look at the five biggest trends all podcasters should be aware of this year, along with one thing you can do to make the most of each of 

5 Podcast Trends to Watch in 2024

1. Video Podcasting is Here to Stay


Did you know that 43% of listeners prefer to listen to podcasts with video? 28% actively watch video while listening, and 29% play video in the background. 


Video podcasts do require some extra work, but with numbers like those, it may be worth the effort! And with Spotify making the video podcast experience more seamless than ever for listeners, we expect to see these numbers continue to increase in 2024. 


If you want to learn more about whether or not a video podcast is right for you, check out this episode of the Podcircle Podcast:

How to Take Advantage: If you want to start testing out video but feel a little intimidated, don’t be afraid to start small! Try recording video for clips on social media for now. Then it’ll be that much easier to make the transition into publishing full video podcasts later on. 


2. Spotify is Dominating the Growth Game


Right now, Spotify and Apple are neck and neck when it comes to U.S. podcast listeners. As of February 2022, Spotify had 32.5 million, and Apple was trailing closely behind with 28.5. 


But that gap is only expected to widen by 2025, when Spotify is expected to hit 42.4 million and Apple’s numbers are predicted at 29.2 million.


While Apple may have been first to the space, Spotify is proving itself to be the most innovative. In the past few years, they’ve worked hard to make themselves a one-stop shop for all things audio, including free audiobooks, podcasts, music, and video.


Spotify has also doubled down on exclusive content, investing around $1B in content that users can only find on their platform.


How to Take Advantage: Are you taking advantage of all that Spotify has to offer? With new features added so frequently, it’s easy to miss out on new tools that can help you grow your podcast. Take some time to explore your Spotify for Podcasters account and make sure you’re making the most of all its features. 


3. Podcast Fandom is Expanding Beyond the Listening Apps

As podcast listening has grown, so have individual podcast fanbases. And in 2024, we expect to see more and more podcasters finding new ways to engage with their fans outside of the traditional audio medium.


This might look like an uptick in live events — both recording in person, and hosting exclusive, virtual shows on streaming platforms like Twitch and Riverside.

We may also see podcasters get creative about monetization, finding exciting new ways to turn people from raving fans into paying fans. Paid content, merch, and other subscriptions have all been effective tools for large podcasters, but you don’t have to have a massive audience to tap into these revenue streams! 


How to Take Advantage: Get creative about engaging with your audience, no matter how small it may be. This could be as simple as using the Spotify Q&A feature to take listener feedback, or hosting your first livestream. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to create the content they’re looking for! 


4. MORE People are Listening to MORE Shows 


Believe it or not, people spend more time listening to podcasts than they do watching TV. In fact, 20% of podcast listeners listen every day and listen to a total of eight shows per week. 


What does this tell us about podcast listeners?


It says that they like consistency, and many of them view podcasts as part of their daily routines. Make sure you’re publishing your show consistently, and focus on creating quality content so your listeners have a reason to tune into every single episode. 


Did you know poor audio quality is the number one reason why people stop listening to a podcast? If you want to build a consistent, loyal listenership, spend a little extra time focusing on your audio quality. Tools like Riverside and Descript are relatively beginner friendly and make it easier to edit your audio. Or if you’re ready to truly take your show to the next level, consider hiring a podcast editor.


5. AI is on the Rise!


Many of us spent 2023 learning about AI and all the things it can do. But whether you love or hate this technology, it’s not going anywhere in 2024.


Podcasters can find AI-based tools for everything from editing audio, to transcribing episodes, to writing show notes and episode descriptions, to creating social media posts. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that AI can do everything for you with no supervision.


AI is a tool, and a tool is only as good as the person using it. 


If you’re looking to learn more about AI for podcasters, stay tuned! We have plenty of blogs and podcast episodes planned around this topic in 2024, so make sure to follow the podcast so you don’t miss anything.


How to Take Advantage: When thinking about AI, focus on working smarter, not harder. Are there places where AI can enhance the work you’re already doing? What can you automate to make your process more efficient? A combination of AI and human expertise will help you deliver the best possible product for your listeners.


Partner with the Experts to Make the Most of 2024


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