Video Editing

Look (and sound) better

We turn your Zoom and Riverside video recordings into branded podcast episodes for your YouTube and social media channels

Video Podcast Editing

Pay per episode
Flexible, a la carte pricing for every podcaster.
Video Podcast Editing
Turnaround Time
5 business days
5 business days
3 business days
Audio Mixing & Noise Reduction
Add Theme Music
Add Logo, Title & Guest Names
Custom Background Graphics
60 Minutes of Raw Footage
Multi Camera Switching
Mistake Removal
Dedicated Editor
Same Day Guaranteed Support
Add-On Services
Episode Publishing
+ $30/episode
+ $30/episode
Premium Show Notes
+ $60/episode
+ $60/episode
Social Media Audiogram
+ $50/episode
+ $50/episode
Social Media Graphic
+ $25/episode
+ $25/episode
Podcast Outlines
+ $150/episode
+ $150/episode
Starter Audio Podcast Editing
+ $65/episode
Premium Audio Podcast Editing
+ $135/episode

An engaging video clip of your podcast episode to share
on social media to promote your podcast. Don't forget
to share these with your guests, too!

A still graphic featuring a key quote from your podcast
episode which can be used for your social media, email
newsletter or website.

Want us to research topics and guests so that all you have to do is sit down and record? We will research guests, write introduction scripts, interview questions and calls to action. We make your podcast a breeze by doing the prep work for you.

We assemble your podcast audio assets, mix the audio and apply background noise reduction.

NOTE: For a full "listen through edit" where we remove filler words and pauses, opt for Premium Audio Podcast Editing instead.

A premium edit where we listen through your entire episode, mix the audio, reduce background noise and remove filler words, stumbles and long pauses. Basically, we make you sound great.

Includes an episode description, SEO-rich timestamped notes,
links to resources and social media channels and 2 title
suggestions for each episode.

We'll publish your episode to YouTube or your preferred video host

Need a faster turnaround? Contact us for rush services.

Our expertise in audio equalization, compression and limiting will
ensure your podcast sounds crisp, clear and balanced. Our podcast
editors are also expertly trained in industry leading noise
reduction tools to reduce or remove persistant background noise.

We'll add your theme intro and outro music to each episode.

We'll add your brand or podcast logo, episode title and host
and guest names to each episode.

We'll add background graphics consistent with your brand colors.
These can be subtle motion graphics or still graphics.

Episodes over 60 minutes in raw footage are billed
$25 per additional 15-minute coverage.

Want more than just 2 talking heads on a screen? We can cut
back and forth between hosts and guests, which is key to
removing distracting moments and producing a premium,
visually engaging video podcast.

Flub a sentence? Need to start and stop again? It happens!
We watch through the entire recording and clean up these
mistakes, tidy things up and make you look like a total pro.

You will have a dedicated editor who works on every
episode and KNOWS your podcast.

Your account manager is ready to assist you with same day

Add $30 per additional round of revisions. Revisions may
lengthen turnaround times. If it's our mistake, the
revision is on us.

We love our clients.
They love us, too.

How It Works

Podcast services as easy as 1-2-3

Upload Your Files

When you’re finished recording your podcast, send us your files along with any helpful notes.


You just got hours of your week back! We’ll be hard at work producing your podcast episode to our exacting standards.


You get an email notification with download links as soon as everything is wrapped up!


Podcasting is personal

Our video podcast editors incorporate your brand tones to create a premium video product that not only sounds great, but also visually engages your audience. See why New York Times bestselling authors, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, influencers and just about everyone in between trust Podcircle with their podcast production.

Got questions?

Yes! In fact, it’s our specialty. We’ve launched and run podcasts for New York Times bestselling authors, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs and just about everyone in between. Click more about our Podcast Launch Services.

Because you have more important things to do. Many find that editing their own podcast means they have to learn how to edit and mix audio. By the time you’ve immersed yourself in the world of EQ, compression and volume leveling, you’re stressed out and likely still unhappy with the results. Let us go to work for you so that you can focus on creating a great podcast — not stuck in the weeds editing it.

You bet! We’ll ask you a few questions about your podcast and help determine the perfect microphone for you. And not just microphones! We’ll consult with you to choose the best recording platforms and methods. Check out our Podcast Launch Services for more information.

Yes! We publish to all major podcast platforms. If you need help getting your podcast distributed, check out our Podcast Launch Services.