Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast (and 4 Reasons You Should!)

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So you want to start a podcast? You’ve got an idea to share, a message to spread, or customers to reach, and you’re ready to start! As a $2 billion industry with over 464.7 million listeners globally, podcasting has the potential to meet your goals and beyond. 

But before you press record, check out why we think you shouldn’t start a podcast and the four reasons we think you should! 

Four Reasons You SHOULDN’T Start a Podcast

1. You Want Quick Results 

Do you remember that old story you learned about the tortoise and the hare in grade school? The tortoise won the race by maintaining a slow and steady pace. Podcasting is remarkably similar. When starting a podcast, the name of the game is consistently showing up for your listeners when you say you’ll show up. 

Wire Talk is a prime example of this principle. It took them years to see a million downloads, but they never skipped a weekly episode. It’s all about reliability over time and providing value to your listeners. Once you determine the value you provide, keep showing up for your audience, and they will show up for you! 

If you expect to gain millions of downloads right out of the gate, podcasting might not be for you. 

2. You Expect People to Find You Organically 

The concept “If you build it, they will come” does not apply to podcasting. You might be surprised that most of your audience is built through something other than organic discovery or search. Most of your listeners will find you through external marketing efforts. Those include email lists, your social media accounts, paid advertisements, guest spots on other podcasts, collaborations, etc. 

Loyal listeners come through consistency, but only if they know you exist. So before you start a podcast, take stock of your internal and external marketing opportunities and clarify your target audience. 

If you haven’t created a plan for helping the right people find your show, you should refrain from starting your podcast just yet! 

3. You Don’t Know What You’re About 

These days everyone and their brother is starting a podcast. In fact, since 2020, there have been 1.9 million new podcasts launched. The truth is the best podcasts clearly understand their message, brand, and the type of show they want to put out into the world. As the adage goes, “fail to plan and plan to fail.” 

If you can’t answer the question: “What’s your podcast about?” go back to the drawing board for clarity. (If you’re not sure where to start, Podcircle can help!

4. You’re Trying to Do It All Yourself 

It’s estimated that only 20% of podcasts launched each year survive. We can’t name the particulars for sure, but what we know is maintaining a quality and valuable podcast is difficult work. 

Every podcaster starts with great intentions, but in our experience, it can be a struggle to find the time, energy, and expertise to sustain that enthusiasm. Simply put: you probably can’t do it all yourself. A lot goes into the release of a podcast, including content planning, interview preparation, recording, audio and video editing, show notes, publishing, and promotion.  

Luckily, you don’t have to do it all! At Podcircle, we offer premium podcast services that remove the headache from podcasting. 

Avoid getting caught up in the weeds of podcasting and get back to what you do best! Schedule a free consultation with our expert team to determine how we can go to work for you. 

Four Reasons You SHOULD Start a Podcast 

1. You Want to Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty 

Meet your listeners right where they are! From their commutes to the gym, home, work, and beyond, your listeners are taking podcasts with them. As a result, people now spend more time listening to podcasts daily than scrolling social media or watching television. 

No matter your target market, they’re listening to podcasts! In 2022 more than 6 in 10 consumers in the U.S. (12 and above) listened to podcasts. There’s never been a better medium to provide value and expertise. Continually showing up in the feeds of your consumer with quality content will build loyalty and foster familiarity with your brand. 

2. You Have a Product or Service To Talk About

We buy from people we trust. That brand awareness and loyalty you’re fostering leads to profits! 

69% of podcast listeners say that podcast advertisements introduced them to new products or services, and 54% are either somewhat or much more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its promotion on a podcast (eMarketer, 2019).

From bakeries to executive coaches, people use podcasts to talk about their services and products through authentic conversations about the topics that matter to their consumers. 

3. You Want to Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Space

If you’ve got expertise to share, there’s no better megaphone than a podcast. 75% of podcast listeners state they tune in to their favorite shows to learn something new. With intimate access to your consumer, podcasts curate a platform to share your ideas and showcase your knowledge. 

The podcast space has recently become flooded with influencers, business leaders, pastors, and more, all looking for opportunities to connect with people and establish their authority in their spaces. 

4. You Would Like to Network with Others in Your Field

No matter your field, podcasts are an incredible way to connect and network with other subject matter experts in your vocation. The opportunities are two-fold: create a show that provides value for other professionals to tune in and/or elevate others in your space through guest interviews. 

As podcasts become more niche, almost every industry now has podcasts dedicated to exploring their nuances and particulars. Cultivating relationships with listeners and guests can pay dividends beyond podcast numbers and impact your bottom line. 

Are you ready to take the plunge? 

We are experts at launching and running successful podcasts and want to help you start on the right foot. 

Schedule your FREE consultation today.

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